Featured Scholar for 2019-2020 : Mark Lemuel Salazar

Congratulations to Mark for becoming a scholar this year! is supporting 5 scholars like Mark who study hard, play basketball and actively compete in leagues throughout the year. By selling Kaalaman Kits or "Knowledge Kits" in cooperation with Save the Kids Philippines, we were able to raise enough funds to build 1 library in Bulacan and send 5 kids back-to-school. is happy to support people like Mark who have the passion and drive to use sports in a positive way.

Annual Tournament

To celebrate the first anniversary of, a mini tournament was held on July 21, 2018, composed of kids from the different locations we have held trainings at. Each of the five locations sent 10 kids, ages 8-12, who showcased what they have learned from the camp. The tournament was very successful as the kids all seemed to enjoy. Their competitive spirit made refereeing very enjoyable as well! Each of the kids were given a basketball and goodie bags to take home with them. The "mythical five" members, the best player from each team, also received a medal. Another Successful event in the books!

Summer Camp June 7, 2019

We visited St. Martha Elementary School and spent some time with kids that were relocated from different communities in Manila, such as Tondo. We had a fun mini-camp with them on this hot summer day. We will definitely be back with a bigger and better camp!


Rebound Scholar SY2019-2020

We met Mark in our Annual Tournament last year. Since he is older than the rest, he didn't play that day but he cheered the kids on and seemed to have a passion for the game. We learned that he is a good basketball player and uses the sport to "avoid negative problems that can be cause to my stress." He shared that his father can not support the family any longer because he had Tuberculosis and his meds were so expensive. Because of this, Mark has to stop going to school. is happy to support Marks tuition for this school year 2019-2020.

February 25, 2019

Today, as the country celebrated the 33rd Anniversary of Edsa Revolution and People Power across the Philippines, I visited Barangay 185 for a different form of people power, or should I say, Kid power! 25 boys from the Barangay came to practice drills, play some pick-up games and receive one basketball each for them to use for practice.


December 16, 2018: Marillac Hills Training School for Girls Alabang, Muntinlupa

First day of vacation from school and I spent some time playing ball with these wonderful girls of Marillac once again. They are so resilient and strong and super fun to work with! They also surprised me with a short Christmas program! We played ball games, had a meal together and gave them some gifts. It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


September 22, 2018: Garage Sale Fundraiser

Fund-raising is an integral part of so we can continue our programs and come up with new plans. Today we were able to raise enough funds to provide a basketball to 100 more kids in the future. Also, as we meet more kids and learn about their stories. We also learn about other needs they may have. Because of this, we are planning something we have never done before starting October 2018. Stay tuned!


August 26, 2018: Nangka Elementary School, Marikina City

Today,  went with DZMM Tele-radyo to Nangka Elementary School in Marikina City. We played with more than 60 kids: teaching them not only skills like passing the ball but, more importantly, life-skills such as teamwork and cooperation.


February 16, 2018: Monicayo Elementary School took a trip to Monicayo Elementary school in Pampanga to conduct its sixth basketball camp with the Aeta indigenous community. The kids, despite being quite hesitant in the beginning as it was something unfamiliar to them, adjusted and learned a lot from the camp. Their eagerness to learn was contagious and made teaching them very enjoyable! Because we got along so well, we went back on April 15 along with the Save the Kids ph organisation to donate a library and some uniforms they can use when they go back to school.

November 26, 2017: Calawis, Rizal

Around this area, kids practice basketball on a ring that is hung on an electrical post. This weekend, we brought the Rebound Program to Calawis Elementary School where kids ages 6-10 learned to pass, dribble, and shoot. We also had a scrimmage as a culminating activity. Each one brought home a Rebound Ball so that they can continue to practice until we visit them again.

October 16, 2017: Marillac hills, alabang, muntinlupa

Today we had a great program with teenage girls from the National Training School for the Girls in Marillac Hills, Alabang. They were enthusiastic and receptive to the skills we taught them. Many times they are busy with things indoors, so it seemed to be a welcome change to be in the covered courts playing basketball. They've had a tough life and sharing this day with them was extra special. We hope they can continue playing ball during their free time!

September 23, 2017: Cogeo, Antipolo, Rizal

We spent this rainy day in a daycare in Barangay Bagon Nayon Daycare Center in Cogeo, Antipolo, Rizal. We needed to stay indoors but we were still able to practice some passing skills. We worked with the space that we had. The kids still had a blast!



Sept 8, 2017, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong

On September 4, 2017, 100 families in Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines lost their home to a devastating fire. visited Jose Labella Memorial School where they were temporarily evacuated and entertained the kids with some fun and basketball games.

Launch: June 2017, Tacloban

Tacloban seemed to be an appropriate place to launch because Martin witnessed the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan inflicted on its residents, espeically the children. Although he helped by donating food and clothes to these suffering victims, he felt this was not enough. Since he helps coach kids from the International School Manila during summer camps held in school, he decided to help coach those that have been displaced in Tacloban.

Donate your old basketballs!

We like leaving behind a basketball for each kid who joins our program. This way, they are encouraged to work hard and practice regularly until we visit them again. If you have old balls or would like to donate new ones, click on the link below.